Autogrill SpA is the first operator in the world in catering for travelers. It operates in 30 countries with over 57,000 employees and about 4,200 stores in 1,000 locations,mainly in airports, highways and railway stations, with selective presence in cities, shopping malls, exhibition centers, museums and other cultural sites.

After an initial test, Autogrill in collaboration with Domec launched Again Café products and Again Ciao, an  engagement and retention project aimed at:

  • Support for up-selling and cross-selling on different references
  • Engage buyers and brand lovers
  • Increasing the value of relationships with their consumers
  • Enriching a behavioral information database useful for subsequent activities of targeted CRM
  • Begin the digital process trasformation of their subscriptions

Domec solution to the needs of Autogrill

Domec has provided Autogrill his long experience in customer loyalty paths.

In particular, Autogrill has entrusted to Domec the definition of its “Again Ciao” with its reward program.

The card Again Café is an original guest loyalty program, a prepaid subscription card that allows the purchase of 10 coffee at a discounted price of about 17%, with an extremely simple registration procedure that allows the customer to dematerialize their physical card and to know the card balance (available and paid coffee) and the list of transactions.

The ecosystem “Again Café” has generated more than 500,000 transactions, selling in advance about 1,000,000 coffee with a percentage of non-redeemed of 11%.

The card Again Ciao is an original guest loyalty program, a free card at no extra charge for using it, allowing to accumulate points for every purchase made at retail Ciao points (1 point for each 15 € spent) and receive 10 € to be used on subsequent expenditure once they reach the threshold of 10 points. The program also included a very simple registration process that allowed the customer to dematerialize their physical card, always knowing the card balance (accumulated points, awards disbursed) and the list of transactions.

With the support of Domec, Autogrill:

  • Has developed a loyalty program consistent with its commercial and strategic vision
  • Has developed a totally customized service
  • Has improved the loyalty of its client base
  • Has acquired data and strategic information about their customer base
  • Has benefited from personalized advice for the implementation of tools and innovative marketing strategies