loyalty program, card linking

Card Linking: Different brands, shared loyalty

What is that?

Card Linking” is a project aimed to the association of customers information in different brands loyalty program.

Subscribers to a loyalty program of a brand, could access to a loyalty program linked to the first one, with special conditions dedicated to them by companies.

This mode allows you to:

  • Simplify the acquisition of on / offline end-users for companies;
  • Offer a Plug & Play tool to companies with low IT impact;
  • Simplify UX and entry into loyalty programs for users;
  • Offer shared benefits from their status.

Application Scopes

SaaS platform for digitalization of the Marketing Mix. The solution covers all sectors and it is usable in both the BtB and BtC.

It fits within the universe of loyalty systems with an innovation in terms of flexibility, which distinguishes it from all the other programs currently on the market.

The innovative solution conceived is connecting “n” digital wallets (even with different logic) through a system that can associate registers from different databases.

How can Domec help brands?

The needs met by the “Card Linking” solution refer to the possibility for the holder to have multiple awards associated with a single tool.

In particular, it helps brands to:

  • Increase the customer base of the companies involved
  • Increase transactions for single end customer
  • Increase brand awareness

A loyalty best practice

Domec has developed a “Card Linking” project in collaboration with Eataly and Enel, focusing on the association of customer records in the two brands. By using their own status, the holders of the two cards can benefit from more than the standard ones.

In particular, all Enel Energia customers in possession of EnelMia loyalty card can benefit from promotions within Eataly stores (eg 10% discount on products sold at Eataly physical stores or on Online Store, 10 % discount at restaurants in the stores or 20% discount on the Calendars Courses and events scheduled each month in stores).