Cash Back

This particular loyalty program offers to customers the possibility to earn back points or money, thank to a particular activation.

The credit the customer earns, could be available immediately, for his next purchase.

These operations are particularly effective for Customer Loyalty operations, through which a brand wants to loyalty its customers and push them to purchase .

Why Domec?

We manage all the Cash Back experience program, integrating them directly with your partner’s preferred payment systems, such as your loyalty cards, credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, etc.

All this is designed to offer the best final customer experience.

These activities can be linked to a Stored Value Card to a larger loyalty program (point program) or simply linked to simple transactions in the customer’s point of sale.

The strengths of our proposal:

  • Maximum customization of value and type of re-accreditation (points or euros)
  • Freedom to choose a channel for re-accreditation (card, bank account, etc.)
  • Possibility to accelerate cashback dynamics in some periods of greater interest (Peak period)
  • Detailed statistics on the behavior of its customers
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