Digital Distribution

The all inclusive service, which helps companies to distribute their digital prepaid products in the form of PIN, such as:

  • Gift Card
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Digital vouchers
  • Reloading

at the distribution channels included in the Domec’s network, which include 45,000 Tobacconists and Retailers belonging to the Mooney Sisal Pay|5 circuit, but also supermarkets, Superstore and megastores. We follow the entire supply chain offering a complete service. From the scouting of the products to the contract with the companies, from the management of the technology to the realization of materials for the point of sale or for the ecommerce, including the provision of Pins at the distribution channels approved by the company up to reporting and analysis of sales data.

How it works for the customer:

The customer, after completing the payment in cash, will receive the alphanumeric code, so-called PIN, either directly on the receipt, or digitally by email, corresponding to the to the amount of the purchase. At any time the customer can take advantage of the digital product just purchased, following the directions of use and the terms and conditions of use listed on the receipt that will receive at the time of purchase.


The widespread distribution in other touchpoints, not directly connected to the brand, involves an increase in visibility and an expansion of the target of buyers. This type of distribution means the possibility for brands that are present exclusively on the online to have physical touchpoints, giving the possibility to address also to those who usually do not make purchases online.

Thanks to the capillarity of the distribution network, currently over 50,000 stores and the ability to manage the various needs in the field of digital distribution, we offer an all inclusive service taking care of all aspects.

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