Domec through advanced technology solutions succeeds in implementing promotional strategies of fidelity and loyalty, following the customer’s lifecycle to stimulate engagement, increase purchase frequency, sell-out, and sales with simple, innovative and incentive mechanics.

Why Domec?

With the different solutions offered, the Domec Tools ™ platform allows the customer to purchase different modules depending on their needs, delivering different services to target of clients without the customer making expensive investments in technology.

A loyalty program to be effective should be simple, creative and monitorable so you can improve your relationship with the customer, create brand visibility, increase retention and customer satisfaction.

In Domec the formula for a successful loyalty strategy includes:

  • Effective response to customer customization needs;
  • Creating ad hoc programs based on the needs of end-users;
  • Guarantee of quality products/services;
  • Digitizing Solutions;
  • Special offers, discounts and up-to-date promotions;
  • Timely and continuos Assistance Service timely and continuous.

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The Digital Loyalty tools developed by Domec are:

  • Loyalty Program
  • Prize Fullfilment 
  • Cashback
  • Spotonway
  • Sconti Banco Posta

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