Drive to CRM

Costumers information represents today the fuel for the digital economy which makes companies a potential driver for new business development.

Having CRM Digital tools allows you not only to learn about the social-demographic characteristics of the customers and their behavior of purchase, but also to integrate the activities that costumers use online in optical cross channel creating new sales opportunities for the loyalty of existing customers.

Data from Digital CRM can also be very useful for generating new leads.

How to Use Data:

  • To be coherent with the target and able to reach it;
  • To provide searchable and useful content for the user;
  • To generate engagement, not communicating with a spot and tactical logic but with relational objectives;
  • To offer the right reward in exchange for your interest.

Often Digital CRM strategies are hindered by IT impact on companies.

Why Domec?

Domec, with its Domec Tools™ platform, has the possibility to integrate high quality solutions with low IT impact for the customer, enabling to enrich and value their data through:

  • Data Collection & Clustering
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics & KPI
  • Social Customer Care

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