Membership means a service that allows your Customers to sign up, obtain a physical and/or digital Card, and access Premium services offered by the Company.

This type of Scheme has a precise duration over time and can be structured to offer different levels of Membership, to which to reserve dedicated rewards.


What is

A Membership Scheme allows the customer to choose the level or type of Membership Card and access exclusive services offered by the company.

Depending on the level of Membership, rewards may be progressively more appealing to the Member.

Rewards can be redeemed not only in store but also online, in the form of discounts on purchases or through access to exclusive areas or services only for Members.

Domec grant a smooth and fast Customer experience for rewards redemption, to ensure maximum interest and customer engagement.

This type of Scheme has a well-defined time validity, at the end of which the customer will have the opportunity to renew the Membership.

Products or services for which to offer a Membership must have maximum interest to the customer, and must be studied to allow an immediate redemption.



Thanks to Domec Tools™ you can target your business goals based on Sales Performance Reports.

The most obvious advantage is the possibility to generate immediate revenue when Members subscribe, ensuring the customers return over time to redeem Rewards.

On the other hand, Members can access a variety of rewards and benefits throughout the subscription validity period, the value of which is perceived to be greater than the subscription fee.

Rewards to be reserved are at the full discretion of the program owner, who can choose from a wide range of Loyalty tools such as discounts, cashback percentages, Gift Cards or coupons.


Domec’s solution

Domec takes care of the management of the Membership Program and the entire life cycle of the cards. Thanks to our patented platform Domec Tools™ we can take care of everything from the issuance of Memberships to the collection of data on Members, to the rewards redemption.

This solution can be integrated with all other Loyalty services offered by Domec, thanks to the fully modular nature of our platform. Activating a Membership solution is extremely simple, and you can decide to set it up however you like.

Domec also supports the communication strategy of the Membership activity to your customers and offers you consultation on the marketing and commercial operations to be implemented. What you have to do, is just dedicate some of your time to it and make yourself comfortable waiting for the activation of the service!


Please do not hesitate to contact us to manage your Membership program!