AC Milan: the card of the Heart Rossonero Fan

​The Milan Football Association, better known as A.C. Milan is an Italian football club founded in 1899 based in Milan. The team plays in the Serie A of the Italian football championship, where it played almost permanently: since his introduction in the 1929-1930 season, in fact, it has participated in 87 Serie A single-group championships out of 89.

Today A.C. Milan is the third team in the world for number of international titles won and its bulletin board includes, at international level, 7 Champions Cups/UEFA Champions League, 2 Cups of the Cups, 5 European Super Cups, 3 Intercontinental cups and a World Cup for FIFA clubs.
The team is also the most successful Italian team in the international arena and is the first Italian team to win the Champions Cup (1962-1963),it is the second European team by number of Champions Cup/UEFA Champions League finals played and it is the second most titled Club in Italy.

​A.C. Milan turned to Domec for support on the management of the issue and expansion of the services of the Tessera del Tifoso Cuore Rossonero. The Cuore Rossonero card is the fidelity card of Milan that offers the opportunity to access exclusive ticket services and promotions, to give the opportunity to the fan to live widely the passion for his football team.

Domec’s solution to the needs of AC Milan

Domec has made available to AC Milan its many years of experience in the construction of projects of loyalty paths, in addition to its technological structure properly integrated with the online payment systems of the Brand and the loyalty program already in place, to expand the functionality of the card.
Specifically, through the Domec solution, today the Fan Card Cuore Rossonero can be purchased online and at Casa Milan and sent directly to the buyer’s home; while the card code is sent by email in real time, and is activated only after the verification of all the data provided at the time of purchase.
The Cuore Rossonero card is used to facilitate the experience at the stadium, through the card you can access to windows of sale reserved for cardholders, buy even in case of restrictions on sale provided by the Authorities or follow the “rossoneri” on the road. In addition, the Cuore Rossonero card can be activated with the subscription, or through the individual tickets previously registered, and also allows you to receive from a subscriber access to the stadium for a single game by changing the name, in addition to the possibility of access to exclusive ticket services and promotions.


With the help of Domec, A.C. Milan has improved the loyalty experience with its fans, offering them the opportunity to go to the stadium without carrying a ticket, but simply showing the Red Heart Card and the ID to access. It has expanded the offer of card-related services such as the possibility to take advantage of a special price list during the season, take advantage of presales and access to discounts on merchandising.