BELOOY – What is it?

Belooy is geolocalized loyalty.

This innovative loyalty solution, has been designed to create value from commercial business networks  and to simplify the purchase experience of their customers.

By bringing the typical benefits of loyalty programs within payment or recognition tools (health insurance card, identity card, etc.) more used daily by people, the purpose of the project is to simplify, automate, speed up and reward costumers’ purchasing habits.

In this context, Belooy enhances purchasing behaviour and the most used payment tools, to provide engagement and loyalty programs to end customers and merchants.

Through this solution, costumers will no be obliged to use different loyalty cards, but it will be enough to use one of the mentioned cards at one of the points of sale, in order to instantly generate several benefits deriving from their purchases.

Why Domec?

Belooy solution includes the use of the Domec Tools ™ platform, through which it’s possible to configure different campaigns such as:

  • Cash back that can be spent within the points of sale of a single brand or within a wider network of merchants (for example shopping centers, consortia, etc.);
  • Discount that the merchant offers to the customer registered to the program;
  • Couponing through which it’s possible to address offers on future purchases in the stores of the Brand;
  • Instant Win that can be activated at specific times of the year most interesting for the Brand.

In addition to the proprietary platform, Domec will make available and will develop the solution on the POS of affiliated merchants and will release a website and a mobile app on which the customers will be able to verifiy the list of movements made.

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