Gift Cards

Gift Card are the most common alternative payment method to money among consumers.

Gift Card are also great solutions chosen by companies in order to stimulate sales program, for gift or promotions reserved to employees, customers and suppliers or as reward in competitions or collecting points.

Why Domec?

Domec is specialized in the design and creation of branded digital or physical gift cards. The development of solution is fully customized based on customer needs in terms of graphics, preloaded amounts, expiration dates, usability channels etc.

For example, it may be in the interest of the partner to create a gift card that can be used only in certain stores. Domec through its proprietary technology Domec Tools is able to segment the partner’s stores to satisfy this customer’s need.

In addition to this, it can also make available the same external channels as the marketplace and DomecGO.

Summing up the benefits for the partner:

  • The customer becomes loyal since the card drives him/her to go back to the shop
  • Gift cards can also be distributed through other physical and digital channels (Marketplace, DomecGO, Store Online, etc.)
  • Positive Cash Flow in consideration of the sale of the card and the use by customers
  • Possibility to create ad-hoc campaigns and offer additional promotions, through specific accelerators

Do you want to find new ideas for your business with gift cards?

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