With over a million members, ACI  is today in Italy the largest free association of citizens, which is proposed as a representative and spokesperson at national and international institutions about the issues of tourism, mobility and ‘environment. Among its institutional activities is that of Club that provides the offer of a range of membership cards that include, in addition to all the services related to mobility, also the opportunity, for members, to take advantage of a number of advantages and discounts offered by ACI partners.

ACI, as part of the development of the loyalty program of its customers, has turned to Domec to strengthen the circuit of affiliated shops and give greater push to the purchases of Members with the use of the ACI card with both local and national partners.

ACI in collaboration with Domec has launched an “Instant Win” program, aimed for:

  • Incentive use of the card by the Member
  • Promote transaction registration by the Merchant
  • Stimulate the development of the Agreemented Shops circuit (national coverage and product categories)
  • Encourage the permanence of Merchants in the Affiliated Shops circuit

Domec solution to the needs of ACI

Domec has provided ACI with its many years of experience in the construction of projects and customer loyalty paths.

In particular, ACI has entrusted Domec an Instant Win initiative that provides the assignment of weekly prizes for both the Merchant making the registration of purchases, and for the Member who uses the card.

The participation in the game starts automatically, for the member, every time he uses his card at an affiliated shop and for the merchant every time he registers a transaction of an ACI member.

With the support of Domec, ACI:

  • Has developed a loyalty program consistent with its commercial and strategic vision
  • Has developed a totally customized service
  • Has improved the loyalty of its client base
  • Has acquired data and strategic information about their customer base
  • Has benefited from personalized advice for the implementation of tools and innovative marketing strategies