Buono Spesa Domec

Over 20 the Italian municipalities that have chosen Buono Spesa Domec a simple App useful for the management of Vouchers during the health emergency due to the Covid19, with its adaptability, versatility and ease of use, the solution has proven to meet the need.

Buono Spesa Domec is not limited to the management and delivery of Shopping Vouchers, it is possible to manage and assign any type of digital voucher such as: Book Vouchers, School Vouchers, Electronic Vouchers and much more. 

A unique and non-invasive proposal, no need for hardware or software integration, safe because fraud-proof because every single voucher is verified in real time and validated by the Domec system before being accepted by the store.

How the solution works

Through an App provided by Domec, in fact, the City has the possibility to upload the list of beneficiaries, the amounts to be allocated and the list of shops with which you can use the Covid-19 Shopping Vouchers and/ or Book Vouchers.

Fully automatically, the Domec solution will send the Covid-19 Shopping Vouchers and/or Book Vouchers directly to the Citizen’s phone (by text message).
The Beneficiary, once received the Voucher, goes to one of the affiliated shops, shows the Covid-19 Voucher and/or Book Voucher to the cashier, who performs all the validation and acceptance of the Voucher through the Domec Voucher App, installed on your Smartphone or Tablet.

The Municipality and the merchants through the App also have the possibility to view the state of use and acceptance of the Expense Vouchers, and to have all the documentation necessary to make the regulation of payments Common-Commercial Operation.

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