Cards-as-a-Service: how to diversify revenue and increase customers

One of the latest trends regarding the world of fintech and digital payments concerns the birth of the so-called Cards-as-a-Service providers (CaaS). Domec stands as a hybrid CaaS player, able to provide different solutions in this field.

Domec is positioned both in terms of design, production and issuing of branded privative and rechargeable cards, but also, and above all, through the setting of value-added services embedded within the same cards. But what is meant by providers CaaS, and on which products do the offers from their proposals focus?

What is a CaaS provider

cards as a service

You must have used a rechargeable card from your local airline to buy tickets, or a loyalty card at supermarket points.

Typically, for Cards-as-a-Service we mean the type of operators that are responsible for designing and taking charge of this type of solutions, issuing a card connected to a digital wallet and taking care of the complete management of the services connected to it.

The birth of this type of services allows companies to generate a positive and constant balance within the wallet, spendable only on its payment system, avoiding card schemes fees.

Cards issued by these operators can take on different functions and be declined according to their business objectives and the customer segment that you have tracked and to which you intend to target your offers.

For example, you can create tiles whose primary goal is to provide your children with a rechargeable card to control their expenses, or digital wallets that can offer their customers exclusive offers or information about their company.


The advantages of this solution are not limited to simple financial benefits. In fact, you can attach to cards value-added services useful to improve the relationship with its customers and increase Brand retention.

Domec is part of this sector, dealing not only with the production, management and technological development of cards and the wallet connected to them, but also with the incorporation of customizable Loyalty programs according to needs.