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Flixbus Gift Card: the journey starts with Domec

Who is Flixbus and what are the features of its success

Launched in 2013, FlixBus is a mobility provider that has been changing the way millions of people travel, making it accessible and comfortable. Quickly German company has grown so much, offering up to over 100,000 connections today with more than 1,700 destinations in 28 countries.

Flixbus represents a perfect combination of technology, e-commerce and mobility and it made a success of its innovative business model in a historically fragmented and static market.

The secrets of its great success can be attributed largely to:

  • flexible pricing strategy, that allows travelers to benefit to advantageous rates;
  • advanced e-ticketing system, with mechanisms similar to those of airlines;
  • high standard of comfort, with spacious seats and free Wi-Fi on board;
  • security (GPS Live Tracking) and sustainability.

How Domec created value for Flixbus

Flixbus has chosen Domec technological and commercial structure to manage and distribute its Gift Card, new digital distribution tools made available to it. This allowed the company to enter in new sales channels, to increase its Customer Base and to increase sales. In particular Flixbus Cards are sold at over 40.000 SisalPay receivers, Mondadori Store point of sale (over 600 stores across the country) and through e-commerce site