The Green Pea Membership Program

After the successful experience in the world of food, with the model EATALY, was born Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park dedicated to the theme of Respect, inaugurated on 09 December 2020 in Turin. Green Pea is a place of beauty and respect to give life to a new way of consuming: with each of your purchases you can become part of the change.
From duty to beauty: 15,000 m² dedicated to changing the relationship with energy, movement, home, clothing and leisure. In the innovative Green Retail you can find excellent products with low environmental impact, high quality, Made in Italy and from the world, but it is also a place to live experiences, events and many other useful services to live Green. Consisting of 66 shops, a museum, 3 dining venues, a swimming pool, a spa and an exclusive club dedicated to creative leisure. In total, 72 places where Respect from duty becomes pleasure.

Domec’s solution to the needs of Green Pea:

Domec immediately joins this important initiative as an official partner, supporting the brand in the field of payment and loyalty with the aim of improving the experience of consumers with the world of Green Pea, through an exclusive program called “Green Pea Membership” that enhances and rewards the relationship of its members through benefits and benefits designed on the basis of their interests and ways of interaction with the world Green Pea. Below is an overview of the solutions offered by Domec:

  • Green Pea Members cards and exhibitors: realization and management of all the supply related to the communication material within the point of sale, such as: Card, Card holder and counter displays. The brand was followed by the initial phase, for the identification of eco-friendly materials, up to the design phase and its delivery and logistics within the store.
  • Digital Wallet: the electronic purse that aims to replace the physical wallet with a digital one, directly connected to the Membership Card (physical and digital). It contains several payment instruments, but also numerous services that the customer can access that allow:
    • pay in the store, for example by approaching the phone to a contactless POS;
    • contain and enjoy points, or status related to interactive missions;
    • virtualise the Membership Card by charging, sending money to another Member.

    A unique solution that combines the basic need to identify and recognize a Members also the opportunity to generate multiple useful KPI for the Brand.

  • Sales Tool and Marketing Automation: usable both from Tablet and PC, useful for the optimization of the work of internal resources in Green Pea. Unique Tool that offers the possibility to manage all the data and sales of the different types of cards and to use customer data to send personalized communications, through the integrated tools of campaign management and marketing automation.

With Domec's help, Green Pea:

has a multichannel tool safe and integrated with the different physical and digital payment systems, valid virtual assistant useful for customer retention and customer engagement that enhances the belonging and exclusivity of the brand, able to acquire daily data and strategic information on its customer base. A single solution that includes:

  • a branded and accepted payment instrument within the premises of Green Pea;
  • customer retention and customer engagement tools;
  • a useful tool to encourage spending;
  • a useful tool for generating Kpis on its customer base;
  • tools for the sale and management of concierge services, for campaign management and marketing automation;