The Italo Gift Cards of the Italo Più Program

Italo is the first Italian private operator on the high-speed rail network, and the first operator in the world to use the new Alstom AGV train, holder of the record of rail speed. The fleet of Italo trains consists of 25 Agv 575 trains able to travel at very high speed, up to 360 Km/h and 22 new Italo EVO, 19 of which are already in service. With its fleet Italo offers trips full of entertainment experiences and personalized services, in maximum comfort, and designed for the different needs of every type of traveller.
3 travel environments: the Smart offers great quality at competitive prices. Comfort is the perfect mix between the convenience of the Smart and the comfort of the First. The Firts is dedicated to those who, when travelling, are looking for comfort and attentive service. Italo’s mission is to provide travel services on the High Speed lines, innovating in content and enhancing travel time.
Italo contacted Domec for the realization of the entire purchase flow of the Italo Gift Cards at fixed amount, present on the website, and addressed to a specific target, that is, all the customers enrolled in the Italo Più loyalty program. The need was also to maintain compliance with the company’s policies on security, data processing and the relative Brand Identity of the Italo brand.

Domec’s solution to the needs of ITALO

Domec has made its technological structure available through the integration of a connection to the well-known Stripe payment platform, allowing in this way the acceptance of user payments in an easy and secure way.

Purchase flow:

the purchase of the Gift Card is easy, reliable and immediate for customers enrolled in the program. The Gift codes have been uploaded to the Domec Tools ™ platform that thanks to the realization of the application solution, are made available to users through fully responsive web pages linked/linked to the company’s website in the dedicated section and through appropriate integration to the well-known online payment platform, the purchase takes place in a simple and safe way.


through the synergic work of the different teams, such as: IT, marketing and graphic design of Domec, the customer Italo has managed to buy in a simple, fast and secure Gift Cards through the website, which thanks to web pages, easily usable even from mobile and appropriately integrated with the platforms Domec Tools ™ and Stripe, meet all the criteria of security, privacy and visual guidelines of the brand.

Italo Business Pass

Italo Business PaTalo also turned to Domec for the management and optimization of the Italo Business Pass product, the paper that can be purchased on the website both desktop and mobile, which allows you to save on business travel with Italo.

Domec has made available its technological infrastructure to expand and manage the new features of the card, transforming it into a private credit card with the peculiarity of incorporating a digital wallet, to offer travellers both the opportunity to buy tickets in specific Commercial Offers, and to use a single card to take advantage of all the advantages of the offer without the need to resort to additional cards.


​with the contribution of Domec, Italo Business Pass has become a new payment instrument but with the plus that it’s not connected to a bank account of departure, it’s easy and immediate to obtain for the end user, it’s anonymous and it’s not subject to transaction fees by the financial system, in addition to the ability to make it out to another passenger. In addition, with the integration of the electronic private purse Italo has improved the loyalty ratio of its customer base.