Acquiring new customers is a complex practice for companies, that requires investments of time and resources, but the importance of keeping already loyal customers active is often underestimated.

One of the most effective Loyalty strategies to achieve this goal is to rely on a Subscription program, an extremely flexible solution, able to generate positive cash flow and better plan the sales strategy.


How does it works

A Subscription Scheme is designed to increase your company’s Customer Retention and offer a discount on Bundles of products or services your customers use more frequently.

There are two main ways to deliver Subscriptions. As a prepaid service, a rechargeable Wallet is issued to allow the customer to purchase and consume certain Bundles of products or services.

Customers top-up their Wallet and purchases a Bundle that saves them money compared to single and repeated purchases. The redemption of the products included in the selected Bundle takes place over time, and may be subject to expiration.

Once the products included in the Bundle have been fully redeemed, the wallet can be recharged by the customer in total autonomy, either at the affiliated points of sale, or via web or mobile app, and proceed with the purchase of a new Bundle.

As a post-payment service, the customer makes repeated purchases of one or more predefined products, which lead to the achievement of a Reward, such as a discount on subsequent purchases or a coupon that can be spent on different products.

This modality is particularly suitable for increasing the expenditure of certain target customers on specific products or services.



Subscription offers a lot of benefits, both to customers and to companies who decide to adopt this solution.

The most obvious advantage is the possibility of generating immediate revenue, ensuring the return of customers over time for the Rewards’ redemption.

Composing Bundles based on their business strategy allows Companies to decide which services and products to target sales, and increase sales on clusters of customers.

From the customer’s point of view, the most immediate advantage is to be able to get a reserved discount on products or services that are consumed frequently.

Bundles are designed to allow the redemption of products in a simple and immediate way throughout the period of validity of the Subscription.


Domec’s solution

Our platform Domec Tools™ can manage physical and digital Subscriptions, collect and analyze registered customer data.

We are able to gather sales data and generate Revenue Performance Reports, so that our Partners can choose the best marketing and sales strategy.

All you have to do is tell us the products and services to include in your Subscription program, we’ll take care of the rest!


Please do not hesitate to contact us to manage your Subscription program!