NTV is the first Italian private operator on the high-speed rail network, and the first operator in the world to use the new Alstom AGV train, holder of the train speed record.

With its fleet of 25 trains, Italo offers rich entertainment experiences and personalized services, in comfort, and geared to the needs of all types of travelers.

The mission of NTV is making passenger services on High-Speed lines, innovating in content and enhancing the travel time.

NTV turned to Domec to entrust the management of certain products and services through Domec platform in order to enrich the supply of loyalty to their consumers.

Engagement and Loyalty project aimed for:

  • Engage shoppers and lovers of the brand
  • Increase the value of relationship with their customers
  • Supporting up-selling and cross-selling actions on the various references

Domec solution to the needs of NTV

Domec has made available to NTV its many years of experience in the construction of projects and customer loyalty paths.

In particular, NTV has entrusted Domec product management Business PassOpen Ticket and Italo Ricaricabile.

Italo Business Pass is the new program dedicated to business target.
Italo Business Pass is a card that can be bought on the website, and allows travelers to save up to 40% on Italo’s business trips.
With Italo Business Pass it’s possible to purchase Flex travel rates in any travel environment except the Executive Club along all the NTV network sections.
Italo Business Pass is not nominative and the tickets can also be assigned to another passenger.
Domec takes care of the entire privately held purse of all cards and all related operations.
In this way, many business travelers, who daily use Italo trains to move around the country, have even more advantages and conveniences dedicated to their needs.

Open Ticket is an initiative that offers a fast, flexible and convenient journey with a 30% discount on all the traditional fare.

By booking the trip at least 7 days before departure, the customer has the option to use the Open Ticket service for several routes connecting the most important Italian cities.

Open Ticket could be purchased only at points of sale of Lis (Lottomatica Italy). To use the ticket was necessary to access the site Italo, go to the section Open Ticket and record the pin present on the receipt issued at the point of sale. After entering the code the customer could make a reservation to departure.

Italo Ricaricabile is a prepaid and rechargeable digital card with which to buy Italo tickets and accumulate points to reach all major Italian cities

To start buying tickets and earn points with Italo Ricaricabile enough to connect the eponymous section of the site and apply for the card in the right cut for your needs (30, 50 or 100 EUR). Once activated, with Italo Ricaricabile could quickly make all purchases of tickets from the special reserved area.

In addition to being quick and easy to use, the card had numerous advantages: for every euro spentend- customers  get 0.5 points, with the ability to get rewards as tickets starting at just 350 points. In addition, the card represented the safest option to buy Italo tickets online, because there was no need to enter the data of your credit card every time you bought a ticket.

“With this new card we enrich our services by offering a product that was missing and that will give our passengers an invaluable tool. Speed, safety and customer focus have always been the main objectives of NTV – said Fabrizio Bona, NTV commercial director – and Italo Ricaricabile is a prepaid card that allows you to purchase the Italo tickets in an easy, fast and, above all, safe way”.

Italo Business Pass Domec
Italo carta ricaricabile Domec
open ticket Italo Treno ntv

With the support of Domec, NTV:

  • Has developed a loyalty program consistent with its commercial and strategic vision
  • Has improved the loyalty of its client base and the relationship with the territory
  • Has benefited from personalized advice for the implementation of tools and innovative marketing strategies