Loyalty Payments

An approach of loyalty of the latest generation that covers all the needs of different companies. Our loyalty logic is oriented to help brands stand out, as they have the possibility to choose the type of loyalty program most in line with the image of their brand.

We offer complete and omnichannel solutions combined with in-store functionality, such as:

Gift Card

it’s the most common payment method among consumers and an alternative to money. The gift card has a defined amount, is not rechargeable, affordable and spendable on channels defined by the brand.

Advantages: it allows the customer to retain their loyalty and encourages them to return to their sales network. Gift cards can be purchased in both physical and digital stores.

Privative Card

It’s a particular card that works only within the circuit of the brand that issued it and can not be used elsewhere, unless special agreements. The card may contain both a cash credit, and other values, such as points. It can also be recharged whenever the customer wishes.

Advantages: they are not connected to a bank account, are easy and immediate to obtain for the end user, allow you to accumulate credit from different sources (e.g. points linked to a loyalty program), thay are maybe anonymous and unlike traditional debit/credit cards, are not subject to transaction fees by the financial system.

Digital Wallet

it’s a virtual coin purse that allows you to make online payments or use it by smartphone to pay for a product in a physical store. A digital purse where the customer can deposit money, but also: points, credits and vouchers. The peculiarity that distinguishes the Domec Digital Wallet is the possibility to insert also loyalty and engagement paths.

Advantages: the only tool with multiple features, for brands to have a mobile wallet means giving themselves the opportunity to receive instant payments, since transactions are much faster than those made by traditional means. The use of the smartphone instead of the physical wallet, by the customer is an element that simplifies and improves the shopping experience, which becomes increasingly customer centric, thanks also to the possibility to send promotions and offers based on the preferences and habits stored in the wallet.

Loyalty programs that make the shopping experience enjoyable, customers earn points for the money they spend. These programs encourage customers to continue shopping for new rewards.

Single ransom program

it’s the collection of points with a single prize defined in advance. The program, due to its characteristics, allows the end customer to easily reach the premium that can be a cash discount on the next purchase, or direct discount on the product.

Multiple ransom program

it’s a points collection with related premium catalogue, which provides multiple Reward thresholds that can also be accumulated. Multiple premium thresholds can be foreseen and redemption of premiums is not mandatory, therefore points can be cumulated.

Status Program

Loyalty program based on customer status advancement (e.g., Bronze, Silver and Gold). Each time one or more predefined actions are performed, they will give you access to a new status where you get more benefits.


it’s a subscription linked to the consumption of certain products and/or services. At the end of the subscription the customer may decide to reload the offer or not.

Incentive paths

Activities through which customers are encouraged to take specific actions to receive one or more awards..

Interact with your customers and stimulate transactions, you can choose between different solutions to reward any behavior of the customer with simple mechanics: buy, receive a benefit and redeem when you want.. 


it’s one of the most appreciated tools by consumers because it has a very simple delivery and redemption mode and can be used to save on daily expenses..

Advantages: The credit earned can be spent in the same business or in related businesses. It is a useful tool to create connections between shops belonging to the same territory or to offer advantages to customers of the same credit institution, thus allowing to create various types of incentives to retain customers.

Istant Win

Instantaneous extraction contests, which take place automatically against an enabling action by the user (e.g. transaction).

Advantages: Good engagement tool and it’s perfect for raising awareness. In addition, thanks to the flexibility of the Domec Tools™, Instant Win contests can connect to other loyalty tools, such as Cashback, to increase the involvement rate.

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