Loyalty Programs

These programs are among the most popular and present in every marketing plan. Being able to boost your brand with a loyalty program that pushes your customers back is not always so easy.

The biggest difficulties are represented by the great competition that there is today in every industry and sometimes by insufficient appeal of the program in terms of customer experience. Today are more and more frequent cases of low value catalogues or unclear working mechanisms.

Why Domec?

Domec is specialized in the implementation and management of Loyalty Programs, oriented to increase the perception of the quality service of our partner and to stimulate repeated and virtuous behaviors.

To do this we follow the implementation of these programs from the initial stages to on-going management:

  1. Design: We build with the partner the mechanisms and organization of the program, starting from business objectives and analyzed study of the target
  2. Launch: We configure with the partner the program, manage the training, roll-out, and contractual part
  3. Management: We provide operational support with dedicated staff, manage database and content, and optimize campaigns
  4. Analysis of results: We provide analytical consultation on ad-hoc reporting activities to improve customer experience and increase up-cross selling

If the loyalty program is already active in the market, our solutions can easily integrate and convert the loyalty mechanisms and loyalty cards already distributed to customers.

Our competitive advantage is represented by great interoperability of the services offered by our platform, with a wide configurability of basic mechanisms.

Our applications are able to synchronize all the payment devices present in the partner’s stores (cash register, POS, virtual gateways, etc.) with their databases and clearly with all physical (or virtual) fidelity cards distributed to customers.

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