Loyalty Retail: solutions and advantages

In the context of a retail strategy, the customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects: satisfy customer’s needs and being able to build and maintain long time relationships with him can really represent added value. It is important for retailers to understand that, no technology and no commercial strategy can determine a winning loyalty project if it does not really care about people.

A survey carried out by Osservatorio Carte Fedeltà dell’Università of Parma has shown how the culture of loyalty is rapidly being developed also in Italy among the GDO operators: 85% of the companies interviewed have been monitoring for at least 4 years the loyalty indicators such as the average receipt, the penetration of the loyalty card on turnover and the frequency of visits.

Relating daily with its customers, increasing awareness of their purchasing behavior and preferences has become a key value for the Retail world because it’s evident how the best knowledge of the customer can allow the construction of more personalized and therefore more effective promotions. However, still in many GDO realities, loyalty marketing appears as a function different from the commercial network and from the commercial policies proper.

An example is the issue of a loyalty card in a supermarket. This is the first important moment of contact that the brand has with the world of loyalty, yet very often the process of loyalty is simply bureaucratic and no special care is given in relation to the customer. The subscription of a card takes is done in a superficial way, not carefully evaluating the quality of the information released by the customer and so it may happen that a data revealed later inaccurate, affects the possibility of contacting in the future the customer to propose him a particular offer or promotion, or even just to oppose the initiative of a new competitor.

In Domec, our interest is always to innovate the concept of loyalty and possible applications. This is why we offer our customers different solutions, such as:

  1. Loyalty cards evolution: with our technologies we are able to combine different advantageous offers for our customers in a single multi-service card in the form of loyalty programs, cash back, instant win, stored value card;
  2. Member Get Member: complete management of the program;
  3. Distribution on third-party electronic diffusion channels: we facilitate the opening of new distribution channels outisde our own network of physical outlets;
  4. Co-marketing Customer Activation: through which the company can offer the possibility to its customer base to receive a reward, against the activation of a promo made available by an advertiser reputed in line with the brand proposition;
  5. Mobile Proximity Marketing: through which we allow our partners to develop promotional activities, in a selective way and with targeted offers, to customers who are near to points of sale and in possession of an enabling tool managed by us;
  6. Fast Self Checkout: which allows the customer to purchase directly through the App, inside the point of sale, bypassing the cash barriers “in safety“;
  7. Promotional activities: we manage the entire project, from the conception of mechanics to the development of technological platforms, from creativity and concept to legal management, from the provision of rewards to logistics to the winners.