Proximity Marketing

New Customer Engagement Technologies


What is it?

There is a new frontier of customer-oriented marketing, which is slowly developing in Italy, gaining important positions and proposing it as an integral part of digital marketing. We are talking about Proximity Marketing (or Proximity Marketing).

Proximity Marketing is a new form of marketing that exploits the use of different visual and mobile communication technologies to promote the sale of products and services. This technique does not work on a well-defined target audience, but on those within a well-defined area, and is applicable in many contexts, such as shopping centers, shops, cinemas, museums, fairs, etc.

If used effectively, Proximity Marketing can generate several advantages:

  • Customer loyalty: it’s an effective tool to bring customers into a point of sale through interesting and personalized content;
  • Real-time communication: captures customer attention effectively and in real time;
  • Increased ROI: it allows to achieve great results without having to invest heavily;
  • Content customization: you know better about users, have information about their interests and their preferences;
  • Improving customer acquisition experience: it allows to establish a good emotional relationship with the user and to improve his customer experience.

Why Domec?

Thanks to the partnership with the most important partners in the Loyalty and Payment and Proximity Marketing landscape, Domec has made the stores more engaging and interactive for consumers. Companies will finally be able to communicate the perfect advantage for every consumer at the right time.

Our platform is extremely simple and flexible: it allows to develop promotional activities through ad-hoc proposals to customers located near the point of sale and possessing an enabling tool. It can be used in various defined contexts, not just retail, but also fairs, events and museums. The offered solution has to gather information and data about customers, in relation to their locationing and behavior.

It’s also competitive because it doesn’t require large investments to create engagement with users.

Why don’t try to acquire new customers?