Increase your business with ScontiPoste!

ScontiPoste is one of the most important Cash Back programs in Europe with over 20 million customers and thousands of active stores (GDO chains, small local chains and individual stores).

It’s a program that has been helping partners since 2011 to develop incremental business by offering exclusive discounts on purchases made at affiliated stores, aimed at those customers who use Poste Italiane cards as a payment instrument.

Why enter in Sconti Poste with Domec?

Domec is a partner of Poste Italiane for the management of circuit construction and management activities. In particular, it deals with the contracting of points of sale, billing and collection of discounts provided by merchants.

Domec also develops marketing and engagement activities on the merchants to stimulate the continuous growth of sales.

How to join in Sconti Poste

If you have a business and you want to promote your shop, Sconti Poste is the showcase for you. By clicking here, you can leave us the data of your shop and be contacted by one of our commercial operators.

  • Thanks to Domec, more than 4,000 points of sale in Italy, belonging to different product categories, offer this service, providing millions of euros of discounts every year to Poste card holders.
  • Membership is simple and there are no initial service activation costs. Only a small management fee and only when the Poste customer uses the card in your shop!

And you…what are you waiting for?

Choose only the % of Cashback to be made available to customers who pay with Poste cards, Domec will take care of the rest.