Spotonway is an innovative marketing platform that let merchants know and fidelize their customers in a innovative and simple way.

Spotonway offers to single merchant the possibility to build an own  loyalty program thought for their customers, in order to stimulate their return in the shop.

Spotonway Advantages

  1. Customized reward programs: The reward program is built by the merchant. At every purchases in the shop, clients top up points to change in rewards decided from the partner.
  2. Targetized and Customized Email Marketing : Every customer is unique, so the email campaigns are customized around the frequence of purchase, visits and habbits.
  3. Everywhere Loyalty: The Spotonway App let merchant to be present in the customer’s smartphone.
  4. Monitoring of ativities: Our dashboard integrates and interprets customer data and subdivides them into categories according to their buying habits.
  5. Real Time Support: Each of our partners is supported by a dedicated sales consultant, who provide ad hoc advice in implementing the loyalty program, launching a marketing campaign, information on the latest market trends, or any other support request.

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