Increase your business with Sconti Poste

Sconti Poste is the most important Cash Back Loyalty program in Europe with over 20 million customers and over 30 thousand participating merchants (organized distribution chains, small local chains and points of sale).

It’s a program that since 2011 supports merchant partners to develop incremental business by offering exclusive discounts (up to 50%) on purchases made at the affiliated merchants, aimed at those customers who will use Poste Italiane cards as a payment instrument.

Why adhere to Sconti Poste with Domec?

Domec is a partner of Poste Italiane for managing of implementation activities of the program. In particular, it deals with the contracting of merchants, invoicing and financial coverage of discounts provided by merchants.

In fact, together with Poste Italiane, Domec develops marketing and engagement activities on the program merchants to stimulate the continuous growth of the program

Furthermore, Domec has developed an innovative system for managing the on-boarding activities of the points of sale.

How adhere to Sconti Poste

If you have a business and want to promote your store, Sconti Poste is the window for you.

  • Use BancoPosta cards at all points of sale (physical and online) participating in the program, and automatically accumulate discounts that will be credited to your BancoPosta account or prepaid Postepay card, at the rate of 5 euros, or at the beginning of the year.
  • There are numerous affiliated points of sale. Over 3,000 points of sale in the food sector, over 1,200 petrol stations, over 2,000 points of sale in the clothing and accessories sector and over 1,700 of workshops, body shops and tire dealers.
  • Subscription is automatic and free for all customers who use Poste Italiane cards. For you exclusive discounts up to 50%, all the year, even during seasonal sales.