Domec Merchant Services

The Domec Merchant Services division aims to help merchants to develop their business and increase customer traffic in their stores.

Thanks to the direct or indirect affiliation of commercial businesses throughout national territory, we are able to dispense digital products (example: Zalando, VolaGratis, FilxBus, Italo, Dazn, etc.) to support PostePay in the SontiPoste program, already active on thousands of points of sale also thanks to the Domec solution.

The Domec Network

The Domec Commercial Network is made up of over 80,000 affiliated companies with more than 200,000 POS terminals and cashiers, integrated into the Domec Tools platform. The connected commercial realities belong to over 25 product sectors, with different stories, identities and missions, but all with the desire to create value for end customers.

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