BPER BANCA is the BPER Group’s parent company, which operates in 18 regions with 2 million customers. The Institute operates in 15 regions with 778 branches.

The goal of  BPER meet the challenges of increasingly competitive markets, combining the strength of a first national bank plan to the real knowledge of the areas where customers live and work.

BPER it wants to be alongside people, businesses and communities to help them make the right choices, sharing with them the risks and opportunities. This aspiration led the Institute since its inception and today is the spirit that looks to the future.

BPER Banca has entrusted to Domec for the implementation of a program of territorial loyalty (geolocalized),called “The ways of commerce of Lanciano”,  with the objective to strengthen the relationship between the Bank, the Consortium,  the relative commercial realities adherents (holders of a BPER account) and their final consumers. 

The need is to have a loyalty program useful to increase the business of those involved and offer final customers the opportunity to pay and accumulate benefits, to use anywhere in stores participating in the initiative.

Domec solution to the needs of BPER

Domec has provided BPER with its expertise in building loyalty and payment programs, providing a territorial loyalty program thanks to which customers can earn and redeem the benefits in any store in the city of Lanciano. 

The commercial activities have no cost of membership, except the discount for the benefit of the citizen and a small commission of service. Discount and commission are charged only after receipt. In addition, Domec has provided useful digital tools for the management and monitoring of the internal program.


With the help of Domec, BPER Banca and the Consortium of the city of Lanciano today have a useful program for the development and promotion of the territory to protect small local businesses, offering citizens the opportunity to pay digitally, accumulate benefits to be used anywhere in member stores, staying close to home.

In addition, through digital tools, the Consortium and the Exhibitors have the opportunity to analyze the purchasing behaviour of customers and to launch targeted and profiled marketing actions, while the Bank has encouraged the use of its services in commercial activities.

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