Zalando is one of the most successful and popular e-commerce fashion platforms. It was founded in 2008 as an online shoes retailer. Today it is the n.1 fashion marketplace in Europe. The German domain is the 15th largest online fashion sales site in the world.
Zalando has more than 34 million members and houses more than 2,500 brands of clothing, accessories, footwear and cosmetics.

Domec’s solution to the needs of ZALANDO

Zalando contacted Domec for the distribution of their Gift Cards within a wide network of physical stores. The goal is to increase sales of Digital Gift Cards of the following denominations: 25€, 50€, 75€ and 100€,also towards a target of buyers who usually do not make online purchases but also to offer Zalando customers the possibility to reload their account with any variable amount (e.g. 33.50 € to pay exactly the order made on Zalando).

©2021 Domec. All rights reserved. Domec’s solution 29 Thanks to the partnership with Sisal Pay | 5, Domec offered Zalando a ready service for the distribution and sale of Gift Cards, within the circuit, now called Mooney and composed of a network of over 45.000 stores such as: bars, tobacconists and newsagents. Domec followed for Zalando the entire sales cycle of digital products:

  • the drafting and closure of the contract;
  • technological integration;
  • the creation and dispatch of special promotional kits to Merchants;
  • to Reporting and Analysis of sales data 

With Domec's help, ZALANDO has:

  • increased brand visibility and sales;
  • expanded the target of buyers, also targeting those who are not familiar with digital payments;
  • a complete service for all the phases of the digital product distribution process, from the initial phase up to the distribution to the end user.