Content Creation

Do you want to increase Customer Engagement through a program that doesn’t cost you a fortune, or do you just want to enrich your existing Loyalty program?

Either way, a Content Creation Scheme is the best way to make your customers part of a Community, reward them with tailored Rewards, and get valuable content that helps improve Customer Experience.

How does it works

Content Creation can be deployed in a variety of ways, through Mobile or Web applications, or through devices located in physical stores.

The content to be produced can be structured in different formats. You can choose to feed the Brand’s marketing campaigns by writing simple texts, taking photos, shooting videos, or filling out forms related to the customer experience with the Brand.

The customer is provided with instructions for the creation of the content, which may be subject to an expiration date, beyond which Rewards will no longer be accessible.

In the case of textual content, the Brand can decide to set arguments to follow to develop content, which can have a variable length and can be focused on any type of theme. New texts are usually offered on a monthly or weekly basis.

Among the Rewards you can include products or services offered by the Brand, also in the form of Coupons to offer discounts on specific product categories.

The modular nature typical of Loyalty programs makes the Content Creation Scheme a valuable added value to your business strategy, especially when combined with other solutions.


content creation

Choosing a Content Creation solution is a great advantage for both your business and your customers.

With a little creative effort, customers are able to secure products or services of maximum interest, while the Brand ensures the Customer return to redeem the Rewards.

This mechanic is particularly advantageous for the Brand, which receives content that can be used to improve Brand Awareness while increasing Customer Value.

Through Content Creation the Brand has the opportunity to engage customers, creating a loyal Community.

Additionally, by allowing customers to write or deliver content, the Brand is allowed to convey interest on specific topics.

Domec’s solution

We make all this possible through our proprietary platform Domec Tools™, able to integrate a Content Creation solution on web or mobile applications, and that makes it possible to manage content and redeem Rewards.

This solution is compatible with all other Loyalty Schemes offered by Domec, thanks to the fully modular nature of our platform. The additional cost for the Brand is represented solely by the type of Reward that you decide to reserve for customers.

Domec also provides full support on marketing and commercial strategies, and in communication to customers. What you need to do, is just tell us how you want to set up your Content Creation strategy and what Reward to reserve for customers, we’ll take care of the rest.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to manage your Content Creation program!