Eataly has chosen Domec for loyalty

One of Eataly‘s objectives, since its foundation, has always been to simplify innovating: from the communication of its services, to the selection of sold products, from the layout of its stores to the methods of loyalty its customers.

The high quality is the most important element that characterizes Eataly brand. With these premises, Domec could not be the best partner for the management of the Stored Value Card. The Turin company, infact, has relied on Domec to managament the processing and distribution of the Eataly Card.

What’s Eataly Card?

It’s a prepaid card (physical or virtual) available both in fixed amounts (€ 50, € 100, € 200 and € 500) and variables, which can be recharged on the Eataly Stores in Italy, on the Eatalynet e-commerce site but also on the Domec e-commerce site ( The procedure for registering customers is very simple that allows customers to know the card balance and the transactions list.

Through this solution Domec has enabled Eataly, in line consistent with its commercial and strategic vision, to analyze the customers’ buying behavior and to acquire data and strategic informations, launch tarketing marketing actions improving customer loyalty , issuing targeted coupons and discount vouchers electronic related to the card and issuing cashback that can be spent within the Eataly network both physical and digital.

How did Domec creat value for Eataly?

In addition to the technologies developed for the Eataly Card, Domec through an innovative “Card Linking” solution, has allowed Eataly to automatically acquire new customers thanks to merge with the EnelMia Customer Base.

In particular, all Enel Energia customers in possession of EnelMia loyalty card can benefit from promotions within Eataly stores (eg 10% discount on products sold at Eataly physical stores or on Online Store, 10 % discount at restaurants in the stores or 20% discount on the Calendars Courses and events scheduled each month in stores).