Adopting an effective Loyalty strategy to generate Customer Engagement also requires a great amount of imagination and creativity.

One of the most fun and engaging ways to impress customers is to rely on a Contest Scheme, structured according to the Business goals you want to achieve.

What is


Contests can be structured according to two modalities. Both guarantee the WOW effect in the customer and are effective in achieving different business goals. Let’s see the two modalities in detail.

The Instant Win gives participants the opportunity, following a specific action, to instantly find out if they are winners of a Reward.

The customer makes a purchase or spends a certain amount of money, and gains the right to participate in an instant draw. The participant finds out whether or not he has won a Reward through a message printed directly on the purchase receipt.

The Final Draw is a modality that requires customers to perform certain actions or purchases in order to participate in the final draw.

The customer, once certain conditions are met, is entitled to participate in the final draw of a Reward. The registration can take place at the checkout, or it is possible to do it at a later time, through a special code communicated at the time of purchase, as long as it takes place by the date indicated.

Among the rewards, you can also propose different Loyalty options, such as vouchers or Discount Coupons on products and services offered by the company.


A solution that integrates a Contest mechanism, represents an important advantage for your Business, if your goal is to improve your customers’ Engagement.

Through a program fully integrated with point-of-sale payment systems, your Business can generate a strong sense of wonder in the most loyal and fortunate customers.

In addition, in the case of a Contest characterized by a Final Draw, customers are encouraged to make purchases to obtain a ticket to participate in the competition, improving their loyalty to the Brand at the time of shopping.

This mechanism is particularly advantageous for the Brand, which can entertain customers while making payments, increasing Brand Awareness. Moreover, entertaining the Customer Base can make them more easily Brand Ambassadors and able to generate new potential customers.

Domec solution


Thanks to our patented platform Domec Tools™ we can implement all kinds of sweepstakes in your company’s Loyalty Program, shaping it according to your Business objectives.

This solution is compatible with all other Loyalty services offered by Domec, thanks to the completely modular nature of our platform. The additional cost for the company is represented only by the type of prizes that you decide to reserve for customers.

Domec also guarantees full legal support in countries that require government approval for insolvency regulations. What you have to do, is just tell us how you want to set up your Contest strategy and what prizes to reserve for customers, we’ll take care of the rest.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the management of your Contest program!