Domec Day Spring 2022 in Paciano, a Slow Living experience to set new goals

Also this year was held the Domec Day (D-Day), an habitual event for Domec, whose main objective is to offer employees a moment of sharing, training and participation, for issues related both to business objectives and to interpersonal relationships.

For the event, after two years of in-house Company Days due to the emergency Covid-19, we had the opportunity from 23 to 25 March 2022 to move the operational activities of Domec in the beautiful town of Paciano, a pretty medieval village in the province of Perugia, straddling Tuscany and Umbria and included among the Best villages in Italy.

D-Day Spring 2022

Once reached Paciano by bus, the employees were accommodated in two eighteenth-century villas, Fonte Cicerum and Brunello, belonging to the resort Fontanaro, with panoramic terraces and infinity pools, overlooking beautiful Umbrian olive groves.

The days, however, have been structured in order to ensure the continuity of operational commitments, but they have been lived in the name of the experience of Slow Living typical of the Valdichiana, which is characterized by the tranquility of the location combined with the high culinary quality.

In this regard, to prepare lunches and dinners for the duration of the event was contacted the famous Italian personal chef Nicolò Duchini that, along with his staff, has taken care to ensure top quality food to all our employees, creating exclusive menus according to every need.

To accompany the dishes, the sophisticated Fonte della Pace Oil, offered by the staff of Fontanaro, which deals with the production until the bottling of the same.

The final dinner was consumed at the beautiful setting offered by the restaurant and boutique hotel Rastrello, located in the center of font color=”blue”>Panicale, a quiet village near Paciano.

During the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second day, the employees, divided into groups of 4 members each, were invited to participate in funny activities aimed to improve the Team building.

The activities carried out and the teams created have been designed in order to develop the relationships between the members and to put together the different skills of the Company operating areas.

At the end of the activities were distributed several gadgets branded Domec, such as sweatshirts, T-shirts and water bottles, while the winning group was awarded, as an additional prize, latest generation Android smartwatches.

At the end of the second day there was the vote, by other colleagues, of our Employee of the Year, which stood out in particular for its professionalism, dedication and seriousness.

During the days spent in Umbria, the group had the opportunity to discuss the new business objectives together with the CEO Antonio Sorrentino, which motivated the team to continue the work of constant growth that is affecting Domec.

Pleasant habits like this help to boost the spirit of the group and to strengthen the ties between the various employees, but above all to prepare to face with more energy the next challenges and the objectives that Domec has set itself to achieve in the coming months.


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