Organizational Model

Domec transposed the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, which introduced the principle of administrative liability of companies for certain crimes committed in their interest or to their advantage, by persons in senior positions or subject to the management or supervision of these.

In particular, Domec:

  • approved its Organization, Management and Control Models (Models 231);
  • appointed its own Supervisory Board (SB), whose duties are to supervise the functioning and observance of the respective 231 Models;
  • adopted an Ethical Code, which is an integral and substantial part of the same 231 Models, as a charter of moral rights and duties that define the ethical-social responsibility of all those who participate in the company, both internal personnel and all external customers such as customers, suppliers, partners.

Model 231 and the Code of Ethics are constantly updated in order to keep them consistent with organizational changes and / or internal changes (eg new business and / or activities) and with respect to the regulatory changes introduced in the Decree.

The directors, the members of the control bodies, the whole staff and the collaborators of the Company are obliged to contact the SB to report any behavior inconsistent with what is indicated in the Model 231 or in the Code of Ethics, according to the methods indicated therein.

The SB evaluates the reports received with responsibility and discretion and can activate any appropriate measure aimed at investigating the case further.

Ethic Code Ethic Code